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About Heather's Secret Closet

We invite you to visit:

  • A place where you finally have permission to step fully into who you are Sexually and Professionally!

  • A place where you are encouraged to take control of your dreams, relationships and orgasmic flow!

  • A place where you will discover that you really are a RED HOT, SEXY SUPERSTAR in every way!

Gone are the days of hiding in the closet thinking your sexual energies are taboo. Gone are the days of thinking you have to hold back in the bedroom and the boardroom.


The archaic dams of taboo and shame have fallen. Right now there is bounteous feminine sexual energy
E-X-P-L-O-D-I-N-G around the world. Unbarred and deliciously aroused, women are proudly stepping into their inherit right to practice sexual pleasure and have professional power.

Heather's Secret Closet provides the total products and resources to help you discover your hidden pleasures and determine who you are sexually. All products are manufactured using the latest technology and made from only high quality materials.

Allow Heather's Secret Closet to foster and nurture your sexual empowerment in the bedroom. We guarantee you'll love your shopping experience with Heather's Secret Closet.



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